Social Networking

Community Participation of Older Adults

A variety of accessible and affordable social activities are available to cater to older people’s diverse interests. Seniors’ participation in leisure, social, cultural, educational and spiritual activities fosters their continued integration in society. 

Pay attention to and actively participate in community activities, especially volunteer services

  • Group interventions: community-based activities such as exercise programmes, hobby groups and friendship enrichment programmes.
  • Leisure/skill development: such as enrolling in computer skills training courses, indoor gardening courses, learning a new language, etc., which can make your life more fulfilling, and can help maintain social contact with others.
  • Technology-related activities: learn new technology, such as learning to use software and apps, and regularly communicate with volunteers from the community by using videoconference.
  • Community life decision-making: understand and alleviate the problems and obstacles in the community, transportation system, housing, and health care. Investigate the amentities and traffic conditions in the local area from a first-person perspective and propose suggestions to create a barrier-free environment for older adults to live, and a more convenient way to travel.
  • Participating in voluntary work: Participating in voluntary work means that older people are contributing to family, friends, neighbors, and even the community. For example, they could use their past experiences, skills, and resources to guide peers and younger generations.