Cognitive Health

Differences between Normal Aging and Dementia

Possible changes due to normal aging Possible changes due to dementia
  • Sometimes forgetting people’s names, today’s date but can remember them later
  • Misplacing things occasionally
  • Sometimes forgetting people’s names, but remembering them later
  • Feel confused about the date, time, and place. Not sure what year, month, and day it is today, and where they are
  • Misplacing things often and being unable to find them
  • Forgetting the names of close friends or family members
  • Making a bad decision once in a while
  • Making poor judgements and decisions a lot of the time
  • Able to understand financial statements after explanation
  • Difficulty with calculations and processing simple accounts
  • Sometimes forgetting which word to use
  • Trouble following or joining a conversation
Emotional & Behavioral problems
  • Multitasking becomes more difficult
  • Becoming irritable when a familiar routine is disrupted
  • Familiar daily routine becomes difficult
  • Lacking motivation to do things
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Becoming irritable or easily upset without a reason at home, at work, or with friends and family

Be aware: Don’t try to diagnose dementia for yourself or someone else. If you are worried about yourself or someone close to you, consult a doctor and discuss your concerns. Dementia can only be diagnosed by a qualified and experienced health professional.