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Major Project Components and Service Flow

Well-being Survey and Centre-based Programmes

CUHK has designed the well-being survey as a digitalised rapid tool to detect health and social needs of elderly members of community elderly centres, which allows older people to understand their health and for elderly centres to provide targeted and evidence-based health promotion programmes in social setting.

Well-being Survey

Well-being survey for elderly persons on:

Functional and psychological health

Cognitive status

Social needs

The use of health services and medication

Health data transfer by cloud technology for follow-up

Health Promotion Programmes at Elderly Centres

Health Promotion Programmes on:



Cognitive health

Social connectedness

Telecare Programme and Nursing Support

The telecare programme has shown a significant impact on empowering self-management and improving health conditions of older people in the first three years. Therefore, CUHK has developed a nursing support protocol to further empower older people with self-management capacity, particularly on chronic disease management.

*Telecare programme and nursing support only implemented in 80 elderly centres in Phase 1 and 2 (2016-2022)

eHealth Station

Elderly participants to log in to the eHealth station at elderly centres with smart cards and take regular measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose and weight at the station

Health data transfer to the call centre by cloud technology for proactive monitoring and follow up

Caring Calls*

Health workers / nurses to make caring calls

Nursing Support*

Nurse to adopt risk stratification approach to provide support on chronic disease management through on-site visits and telecare service with nursing support protocol

Outreach Visits*

Mutli-disciplinacy team (nurses, health workers, social workers) to conduct regular outreach visits

     *Implemented in Phase 1 & 2 (2016-2022)

Digital Health Devices and Portal

To promote digital health, different digital health devices were installed at 20 elderly centres from 2020 to 2022 to motivate the elderly to engage in healthy lifestyle. In addition, CUHK has worked on data collection and aggregation for health analytics.

Data transfer to the Digital Health Portal by cloud technology

Digital Health Devices

Older people to conduct health measurements and trainings at the digital health devices installed in the elderly centres:
– eHealth Stations
– Physical Training Equipment
– Cognitive Training Tools

Instant feedback loop to motivate older people for a healthier life

Digital Health Portal

Old People and elderly centre staff to keep track on their health status:
– Blood pressure readings
– Physical function
– Cognitive capability